Montepulciano d'Abruzzo by Torre Zambra - Italy

The Montepulciano Vtg 2020 by Torre Zambra is our Wine Of the Week (WOW) for 8/9/2023. Stop in for a taste, enjoy a glass or a bottle! Bottle specials while supplies last.

Certified Organic

Winemaker Notes

Ruby red color, with purplish glints. The clean nose profile shows berry fruits scents and jam aromas, with hints of violet and bitter licorices in the finale. The wine is supple and warm, well-balanced, firm and pleasantly lasting in the mouth.

It is an ideal food wine, perfect to pair with a wide range of dishes, easily drinkable and enjoyable every day.


The Torre Zambra estate lies on the first plot cultivated by the family from 1910 onwards and is one of the most historic cellars in Abruzzo. It was founded by Laurentino De Cerchio in 1961, then taken over by his son Riccardo. The family chose Villamagna as a place to cultivate vines in Abruzzo for characteristics that are unique in the region. The Villamagna region has a centuries-old tradition in winegrowing, reflected in its name (‘villa magna’ in Latin means ‘large farm’), and has always been considered the best place for Montepulciano grape cultivation. At an altitude of 120-200m, its hills vaunt a rare microclimate that makes this some of the best wine-country in the world. Torre Zambra is committed to organic winegrowing and spontaneous fermentation, allowing them to craft richly aromatic and authentic wines that are the purest expression of their native land.

red wine in decanter

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